Arts and crafts hour is the best hour


So I’ve doctored two Monet’s as of yet: here, and here. Went thrift shoppin’ with a friend and found this is a rickety old frame, which, incidentally, was hiding an old Wild Bill poster. Not an original by any means, but looks at least 1950’s and looks boss as fuck. I’ve already framed that one and put it up.

The last minute addition of the ray gun turned it into a scene depicting alien robot domination into a scene depicting the gentleman’s sport of alien robot hunting.


Thrift Shop Mysteries

Yesterday a friend and I went on an adventure for arts and craft supplies, and the journey took us through many thrift stores. I bought a framed picture with the intention of doctoring it up a bit. 

Today, when I busted open the frame I found this little treasure hiding behind the print and the back of the frame. It’s certainly not an original, but it still appears to be 1950’s and 1960’s and looks SWEET AS ALL HELL. Naturally, I already stuck it in a frame and put it on the wall. A hidden treasure indeed. Best ninety cents I’ve ever spent.



Favorite Things: Literal Easter Candy


I had bought a Fred & Friends Gin & Titonic ice cube tray at a wacky accoutrements shop a bit ago, and since a friend of mine was in love with them and a birthday coming up, I fancied I knew what my gift would be. I found the company has a wide variety of ridiculous ice cube trays, and the Moai pictured above caught my eye. I had to have them. I noticed most of the reviewers on Amazon recommended them for candy molds, and I thought I would take the challenge. In short, it works wonderfully for molding both ice and chocolates, and I plan to make a bunch to give to friends fir Easter. I also intend to use the Titanic and iceberg ones for the same purpose for the anniversary of the Titanic sinking on April 14th. Keeping the dream alive for the White Star company.

Annual Nerd Gingerbread Men


Avengers. But no Hawkeye. No one likes Hawkeye, not even Hawkeye.


Fallout: Pip Boy, Borderlands2: Vault and Handsome Jack

Ever since somewhere around Middle School and High School, our annual Christmas cookies took a turn for the ridiculous. I’ve done 1920’s gangsters, 80’s rock bands, and a whole slew of video game characters. This year was no exception.

Pacific Coast Highway.


Highway 1, The Pacific Coast Highway, runs damn near the entire length of California, but there is one stretch in particular that is famously a test of fortitude. The twisty two lane length of road from just south of Carmel to San Simeon is the longest ninety miles you’ll see in the US, especially around Big Sur. It scares people, and rightly so, as the rains annually wash away parts of it down sheer cliff drops into the rocky sea. Every time I’ve taken it you always end up losing people who have to pull over for awhile to gather themselves. I love this highway.


Carmel Mission


Bixby Bridge










Welcome to Ragged Point! You made it!


IMG_6171 Wild zebras of Hearst Castle

Elephant seals are in season at San Simeon

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Friday night the Monterey Bay Aquarium had a member’s event involving wine tasting and holiday shenanigans after hours. I didn’t realize that a normal aquarium experience was missing something until I wandered through the jellyfish exhibit with a flute of champagne.

IMG_6025 IMG_6029 IMG_6052 IMG_6074 IMG_6078 IMG_6106

Cannery Row


Cannery Row

Haven’t been to Monterey since…2004? Anyway, it’s been a long while. I first read Cannery Row (Steinbeck) in the 4th grade and it’s been one of my favorite books since (As well as being my favorite of Steinbeck’s until East of Eden usurped it a few years ago).


Doc’s Marine Biology Lab


Palace Flophouse

IMG_6019 IMG_6020 IMG_6027 IMG_6114 IMG_6115