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Needed More Dinosaurs



Monterey Bay Aquarium

Friday night the Monterey Bay Aquarium had a member’s event involving wine tasting and holiday shenanigans after hours. I didn’t realize that a normal aquarium experience was missing something until I wandered through the jellyfish exhibit with a flute of champagne.

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Treat Yo’self: Thornbury Castle

Off-season and weekday prices. That is all I have to say. I checked on a whim about two months ago and found that the dinner, bed, and breakfast package on one of my days in England fit snugly into my price range so I decided to treat myself

Worth it.

The food, service, and room were amazing. It exceeded my expectations. It was nice to go out and see the countryside as well (the castle is just outside of Bristol, so I took the train to Parkway and a cab).

Staying in a castle, check mark on my bucket list.

I highly recommend this experience.

Thornbury Castle was built in the 1500s and was visited by Ann Boleyn and Henry VIII.


Rose to waves and Margaret’s pounding on the door for breakfast.  Breakfast at the hotel, then we saw about booking an afternoon jeep tour.

In the meantime, we passed the hours with a leisurely stroll down the beach. We took a break at a 4 star place for a pina colada. 4 km later it was time for lunch then a cab back to home base.

We enjoyed a swim in the pool with the swim up bar with the beach side view.  Classic paradise~

At 2pm, an old, beat up,  olive drab Jeep came for us driven by our guide with a Chelsea smile on the right side.

Fairy springs was our first destination, as it was quite close to our hotel.

The next Kodak moment was along the road.


And for some reason a 1:100 scale Grand canyon?

The white sand dunes were next. Huge, expansive. Reminded me of the ones in Guadalupe, California. We took a stab at dune surfing, which was anti climatic, but Ramsey got his money’s worth from a rented dune buggy.

The red dunes were smaller, but had a lovely view of the ocean.

We retired to the Canary to shower, windblown and covered in sand. The evening capped off with a lovely sunset as we dined by the sea.

Of course, the night was young. We traveled to this bar called POGO that was recommended by some Austrians we met in the Delta.  $5 buckets of cocktails promising at least half a bottle in there. $1 cocktails which were light on the mix. We played blackjack and our drinks, while some Russians engaged in a serious and smokey game of Texas holdum next to us. We were joined by a lone Australian who suggested we celebrate Australia Day by buying us  a second bucket of gin.


The progress of drinking the second bucket was akin to watching a horse race.  Who would be the winner?

Banao. Elite Banana

My current obsession is all things Banao. Elite Banana.

Banao. Elite Banana is some sort of banana/businessman hybrid straight out of Japan. His glorious visage graces the covers of notebooks and is adorned on pencils. In short, Banao. Elite Banana is sheer and utter genius.

But Banao. Elite Banana is not just banana business man elite. He wears many hats. He is a part-time cowboy. A wine connoisseur. A ladies man. A man about town.

I can’t get enough of Banao. Elite Banana.

Monster Party

“Monster Party” is by far the best program on in this country.

I’m not sure what it’s really called as that’s simply the literal Hangul translation. But I can’t find anything online about it simply b/c that must not be the real translation.

It’s about Dracula, the wolfman, and the Franksenstein that live in this house with this kid that can turn into a famous baseball player from the ’60’s. The wolfman is the chef or something. They just get into hijynxs. It’s a good time.

Scotch Festival!!!

Today is the first day of the Scotch games at the Ventura fairgrounds, featuring such good things as “large men throwing things.” I’m bummed that I’m missing this, as I’m in South Korea. However, if you are of my clan, the Buchanans, then you need to ,make up for my debauchery and make our people proud!! Email me??n