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Favorite Things: Episode Adult Activity Book


I’ll go ahead and get it out of the way: when I say ‘adult activity book’ I’m not referring to ADULT as some weird sex thing, although now that I think about it, that could be pretty interesting. Someone get on that and make it happen. I mean it as an adult ACTIVITY book.

Remember activity books from your youth? Coloring books, puzzle books, general, well, activity books. I was pretty big on Klutz books myself. Remember Klutz? I was all about them. Hell, I recently got the Write in White Doodle Journal to leave on my coffee table for visitors to leave their mark in, in addition to my own doodlin’s.

Anyway, while there’s a cornucopia of activity books for kids, there just aren’t enough for adults. I suppose there’s always This Book Will Change Your Life, which I remember getting in high school, but there were activities that I simply couldn’t do due to financial restraints mostly (see: trip to France). On a recent trip to Monterey, I was browsing through Tesutti Zoo (Fabulous shop) I found this little gem: Finish This Book and my activity book crisis was assuaged.

The gist is this: The creator Keri Smith (since you are supposed to be the author) found some loose pages on a park bench and put them together. First, you must decide if you’re willing to go through with this ’til the end. Obviously the answer is yes since you bought it. The instructions are clear: do the activities in order, don’t share your findings until instructed to do so, and if you can’t complete the tasks, give the book to someone who can. Turn the page. Now you begin on a series of activities to complete your Secret Intelligence Training, followed by documenting and observation methods, and then artifact examination techniques. Once your education is complete, it’s time to take on the instruction manual and finish this book (hey, that’s the title!)

I love the concept (who didn’t play spies as a kid? Or as an adult? Hey, don’t tell me you don’t pretend you’re training to join the ranks of Assassins Creed when you’re working out at the gym and letting your mind wander. No? So it’s just me then? Well… I guess I have a lot to talk to a therapist about. Carry on then) and that the activities are very doable. Hey, I don’t have to book a trip to France! Not that I wouldn’t mind going to France, I just don’t want that as a road block in order to reach the end of this thing.

In sum I’ll leave it at this (as I don’t wish to give to much away, and as it is a book you do, our experiences will be wildly different anyway): If you believe that growing older and growing up aren’t mutually exclusive, and that imagination and adventure make life worth living, this book is for you. It’s certainly for me, and the people whom I’ve recommended it to seem to be enjoying it as well.

I’ll end this with a quote off the dedication page, as I like it immensely:

This book is dedicated to all explorers and future explorers of the world.



Hangover Makeover: Disco Nails

20120728-180601.jpgIt’s Saturday afternoon, and that can mean only one thing: My brain hurts. I did a bit of grocery shopping at Home Plus today, and the Etude House kiosk was having a buy one/get one sale on nail polishes. I always wanted to try the gradient look, but now that it was free, I had nothing to lose. I picked up the kits in Mint Frappe and Princess Marry.

I quite like Etude House products. The nail polishes last a long time, dry quickly, and look fabulous. I had high hopes for this experiment, and figured that I could use each color separately should I fail miserably.









I didn’t do a very good job of removing the peacock blue color I’d been wearing previously. Oops.

Step One: Layer on the first coat, a sheer tint with a bit of sparkle. As a stand alone, I don’t care for the reddish gold, but the pale mint is nice.


Step One-und-half: Wait for it to dry, accidentally mess it up when using the computer to look up celebrity smut online. Start over. Wait for it to dry.














Step Two: The second layer is a cloudy tint with varying sizes of sparkles mixed in. For kicks I decided to start mixing colors on the thumb to see what would happen. I like it. It’s got a nice beach vibe with the gold/green mix. As stand alone colors, I prefer the gold. This picture doesn’t really do it justice. Oops. Trust me when I say it looks much better in person.














Step Three: The last layer is a clear polish with large sequins. Apply around the edge of the nail to finish out the look.

Step Four: Top coat.

Step Five: Impatiently wait to dry and desperately avoid ruining my hard work in the mean time.


The finished manicure is pretty stunning (again, the picture doesn’t do it much justice, and I’m not a hand model). Both colors scream party time, but the gold is more subtle whereas the mint is all up in your face. In the end I really like the mixed gold/green on the thumb.

This was pretty easy, if a little more time consuming than my usual one coat application, and I will be doing it again. I imagine I’ll experiment by combining these effects over a different color from my nail polish box.

Amazon knows me better than I do…

I thoroughly enjoy the bullshit that comes up in my “recommendations” page on my Amazon account. They have the perfect logarithm which examines my previous purchases and matches them with the nonsense that people who made the same purchase has also bought.

Here are my favorite recommendations, for the 25 year old, single woman:

The Professor Pretends To Give A Shit About Fashion

The key to pulling off the “soaking wet without an umbrella” look that’s so popular with the kids this season is just the right amount of swagger.


A long time ago I went through a phase where I ended every story with “…and then a meteor hit the Earth and they all died.”


Talk about a quality story arc.

Paying For A Dirt Bath

Yesterday I was in Daegu for a friend’s birthday and we decided to check out this new spa. Koreans are big on spas, but this sort was only to be found in Seoul, Daegu, and Busan. Get this: They bury you in hot soil. A literal dirt bath. “Hyoso treatment” it’s called, which doesn’t really translate very well. From what I gather the point is to bury you in the heated dirt (it’s hot) to draw out (sweat out?) toxins or what have you. I believe the soil is supposed to have some sort of positive effect on your skin as well. You spend 15 minutes buried in this trying to not think about the time. After three minutes you are sweating and uncomfortable and immobile. Relax, they say. If you move it feels hotter. What? I think I heard a mention of …organisms? Hope that was a mistranslations. I focused on pretending I was a sort of zombie coming out of the grave. When I rose out of the dirt I may have outstretched my hands and growled “BBBRrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiinnnns” at my friend.

This was followed by the best shower of my life. Maybe because I was really hot and covered in dirt. I looked like a damn Sasquatch. The experience was  rounded off with a foot bath and a facial. W35,000.

Overall it was a really relaxing experience that I would definitely do again. The Hyoso part was pretty strange at first, but it wasn’t bad. In the States something like this would be at least three times the price as well…

Cherry Blossoms~

Yesterday I’d gone in search of cherry blossoms. To your right you will spy the most scenic shit hole in all of Korea. The window of opportunity on cherry blossoms is really small.  They come and go in a matter of two weeks. Two and a half if you’re lucky. Once they come there’s a massive pilgrimage to the “best” places to see them, which is fun since they really are everywhere.

So I found myself in a car, stuck in traffic. 2km every 30 minutes to get to the real scenic place…. When the road was lined with fabulous blossoms already.

Have a gander~