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It’s beer o’clock!

Fun fact for cool cats: it’s always beer o’clock somewhere.





Today’s beer o’clock beer is the Black & Tan, which seemed approps what with it being St. Patrick’s Day and all. There’s a science to layering it in the American fashion, and having a proper spoon can make the difference. Personally I use this one, which in addition to being wide, is shaped like a turtle and thus it pleases me immensely. Then all you need is a pale ale, a Guinness, and a pint glass. Remember, Guinness on top, and you’re good to go! Practice makes perfect, and even messed up ones are still delicious.






Favorite Things: Literal Easter Candy


I had bought a Fred & Friends Gin & Titonic ice cube tray at a wacky accoutrements shop a bit ago, and since a friend of mine was in love with them and a birthday coming up, I fancied I knew what my gift would be. I found the company has a wide variety of ridiculous ice cube trays, and the Moai pictured above caught my eye. I had to have them. I noticed most of the reviewers on Amazon recommended them for candy molds, and I thought I would take the challenge. In short, it works wonderfully for molding both ice and chocolates, and I plan to make a bunch to give to friends fir Easter. I also intend to use the Titanic and iceberg ones for the same purpose for the anniversary of the Titanic sinking on April 14th. Keeping the dream alive for the White Star company.

Annual Nerd Gingerbread Men


Avengers. But no Hawkeye. No one likes Hawkeye, not even Hawkeye.


Fallout: Pip Boy, Borderlands2: Vault and Handsome Jack

Ever since somewhere around Middle School and High School, our annual Christmas cookies took a turn for the ridiculous. I’ve done 1920’s gangsters, 80’s rock bands, and a whole slew of video game characters. This year was no exception.

Advent calendar is ready to go


Favorite Things: Paprika Hendle

I first read Dracula in seventh grade. Back then, it was good, but not great (I hadn’t fully developed my literary tastes then. Why, just a few years prior I thought Goosebumps was the height of literature). Back then I felt it suffered from something a lot of classic source material does: It had been done so much by other people who either improved, elaborated, or just plain gotten wrong. It felt derivative even though it was the original. Know what I mean? Anyway, I gave it another go my senior year of high school and loved it immensely. I’ve read it every year since then (nearly a decade) every October. It gets better every time I read it, and I’m always finding some little detail that just adds to it that I hadn’t seen before.

I love that book.
Anyway, several years ago during my annual reading I went online to investigate the Paprika Hendle that Mr. Harker spoke so fondly of in his May 3rd journal entry while traveling through Hungary. This was the original recipe I found and tried. It was amazing, and became one of my top dishes. I’ve made it every Halloween (seemed fitting) for the last six years.

Making it right now as I write this. To me it seems perfect for fall and winter. It’s a very hearty and flavorful dish.

This last September I traveled through Budapest and had the opportunity to try it in its native environment.

Happy Halloween, ya’ll!


Fancied I had one more time to carve another pumpkin. I did a short series of Western/Horror comics in a stylistic black and white several years ago. I decided to pay homage to that and do a desert scene in such a way as to suggest a demonic winking face. Can you see it? I also carved some bats in the back to project up on the wall.


It’s nice to be back in America for Halloween this year. While we had the BEST parties in Korea (magnified by the fact that it’s not celebrated by Koreans so decorations and costumes were all handmade originals and really brought out a lot of amazing creativity in people as well by the fact that people from places like England and Australia where the holiday isn’t as popular got to really let lose North American style.), I did miss the general spirit. Spooky television shows, hearing the Monster Mash on the radio, seeing bats and spiderwebs everywhere, and also, pumpkin lattes (Yes, they have Starbucks there, but no, they don’t do that one for some reason even though people would probably go ape shit for it. Sweet potato lattes are a year round staple there).

So while I miss my Halloween parties in Korea this year, I did get a very pleasant Halloween. Over the weekend I went to a haunted house a bar party while dressed in my dragon suit. And tonight I’ll hand out candy to trick or treaters while dressed in my dragon suit while watching trashy horror B movies and enjoying my pumpkin carving skills.


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Fallout New Pumpkin (2012).
It’s a white pumpkin that I covered in glow gel, which unfortunately, does not show up in the picture. The whole thing is a lot brighter in person, and glows a lovely radioactive green.