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My Only Regret: Thunderdome Rules

I want to take a moment to confess my one and only regret. Deep breaths. Here it is:

I regret not implementing Thunderdome rules in the classroom.

Classic 80's cinema

Classic 80’s cinema

“Woah, wait a minute there, crazy!” You are probably screaming at your computer screen at this very second. “I love the film as much as the next person, but I don’t think parents would be too pleased if you made kids fight each other to death under a steel cage!”

To that I’d say, “Yeah, obviously.” Then after quieting you down, I could continue.

More often than not, when certain kids were getting rowdy, I’d be forced to remind them who run English town in a fashion that made me think of this scene from the film every time.

Who. Run. English Town?

You know who.

Say it.

Amanda Teacher.

Say it, loud!

Amanda Teacher.

Amanda Teacher, what?

Amanda Teacher runs English Town.

Honestly, I like the Thunderdome laws. It’s more than just “two men enter, one man leave” you know. There’s “Bust a deal, face the wheel,” in which the person who busted the deal (hereafter referred to as “bustee” must spin a wheel (ya don’t say) to find the punishment. In the film, Max landed on Gulag (and I don’t think they knew what that word really meant.) To make it socially appropriate, my wheel would consist of punishments such as: write lines, sing a song, stand up for twenty minutes, etc. The standard punishments already implemented in the classrooms over there. Hell, if I’m feeling generous (and I am) and I’m a gambler (also true) I may even have a thin sliver that says something like “you got lucky” and they don’t have to do anything. Of course, the entire class would chant “bust a deal face the wheel” as the bustee walks up to and spins said wheel.

But alas! That time has passed and I don’t see myself returning to teaching anytime soon. I can’t believe I let this one slip through my fingers.


The Book Of Mormon The Musical


Today I went to the Pantages in Hollywood to catch The Book of Mormon musical before it ended it’s run and I would be forced to travel far.

Best decision ever.

There is a reason for all the buzz surrounding it, and there’s a reason it tore it up at the Tony’s. All anyone really needs to know that it is a delicious satire by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and that should say everything. I have never seen a funnier play, and will refrain from saying anything other than see it for yourself.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 30



Well. That’s all, folks. This is it. This is the end. The end of the challenge. All I had to do to wrap this thing up was to draw a congratulations banner. Instead I chose to do the more logical thing. I drew a dinosaur taking time out of celebrating his birthday (dinosaur birthday parties are the best birthday parties) to tell me “Good job.”

Thanks, birthday dinosaur.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 29


I’m running late for an appointment, so I’m sad to say I didn’t have time to put much effort into today’s drawing. The theme of the day was to draw a place I want to go to.

Pictured is a fireworks, rum, and cupcakes factory. I want to go to there.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 28


It’s starting to wrap up on the challenge! Today I was given the freedom to draw whatever I felt like. This evening I felt like drawing up some Banao: Elite Banana.

For the uninitiated, Banao:Elite Banana, is simply that: An elite banana. He’s one part banana, one part successful business man, one part ladies man, and one part jet setter. In sum, he is the best thing ever.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 27


Favorite things: Episode 30 Day Challenge. At first glance you may venture a guess that my favorite thing is Snidely Whiplash, the villain from Dudley Do-Right, a cartoon that hasn’t had a new episode since over twenty-odd years before I was born. I credit this one to my odd habit of waking up at 6am in third-fourth grade so I could drink a coffee with excessive amounts of sugar and watch my TV programs, which, at that hour, consisted of Rocky and Bullwinkle or the 700 Club (a show I haven’t to this day figured out the point of). God, these days I can barely pry myself from the sheets before 11am on the weekends, and getting up between 7:20 and 7:50 on weekdays is a tragedy.

I digress, this is more about more than Snidely whiplash.

This is about villains. Villains are my favorite thing. A good villain. Snidely happens to characterize a villain as perfectly as possible without confusion. I mean, if I drew Iago, or Claudius, not many people would get it right away.

Villains, and mustaches. A good twirly mustache. One that can be manipulated in a devious manner.


Yes. These are my favorite things.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 26


It’s time to take a moment to talk about something I don’t like. Now let me take you back and let you in on a fun fact for cool cats: All throughout university (as a full time student) I worked full time and in a leadership position at a corporate retail store so that I never had to take out a student loan (A week without sleep then is worth the 23.5 hours of sleep I can get on the weekends if I want to, and I’m one of the only people I know who made it out without debt.) Now enough tooting my own horn, and let me tell you about what I don’t like:

Holiday season. Okay, let me rephrase that, retail holiday season as an employee. It really is a terrible experience.

Here’s why:

1. Thanksgiving black Friday.

2. The Saturday after black Friday means popping in the Christmas tunes, for which I will hear the same five songs, 40 hours a week, until the day after Christmas.

3. Generally speaking in a normal day you only see about 10-15% rude and/or terrible people. For some reason it rises to 45% in the holiday season.

4. People getting pissed that you don’t have whatever the hot shit is, because, you know, it’s the hot shit and they waited until two days before Christmas to seek it out.

5. Stupid operating hours that are completely pointless. At best there are one or two people that come in after midnight that are (a) sober, and (b) actually going to buy something.

6. Returns… People who get a stick up their ass because the return policy requires a receipt, that the item is in salable condition, and that you return it within thirty days of purchase. Listen, those are three, very simple, reasonable requests (That people ignore throughout the year in spite of the signs) but even more so during the holidays. Here’s a simple fix: if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. If you’re not sure you really want it, don’t buy it, or put it on hold. Sleep on it and come back later. Or, simply enough, bring it back with the receipt in thirty days. Not difficult.

7. Cut throat guerrilla advertising.  ‘Tis the season to hemorrhage money with a smile, so we aim to take advantage of that by ruthlessly trying to up-sell whatever the boss in HQ says we have to so we can also hit our sales mark and all that shit.

Moving to Korea was the first time I was able to enjoy the holiday season since high school. Well, sort of. Some places have music and trees, and a few decorations, but nothing like at home. I do miss it in theory, but just as long as I can be that bitchy, rude, customer drunk shopping at 3am trying to return a torn up item without a receipt. I do not want to be behind that register ever again.