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Rain, Pain, and Panic

Anyone up for a little acid rain?

Today’s rainy forecast put a lot of people in a panic since Korea is so close to Japan (and subsequently they believe they are at a higher risk for being contaminated by nuclear fallout) and rainwater collects nuclear particles from the air on the way back down to the ground.

Rumor going around my school today was that more than a few Seoul area schools were canceled today because the parents were freaking out. I haven’t been able to confirm that report via the news, but it’s the word going around. I’m inclined to believe it considering that the news agencies around here are very agenda oriented.  Publishing that information (if it is indeed true) could cause a more widespread panic with pretty substantial costs. Economic, for example, if people stopped going to work.

News agencies did leap to remind people that the chances of nuclear fall out were really thin, and if they did occur, would be nominal. The traces would be so small that you could drink several liters of affected water safely.  It was reported that a little bit of radiation was found in rainwater from Jeju Island.

A lot of people are worried about the long term effects.  A look back into history (Chernobyl, WWII) affirms that sickness (et al) caused by radiation majorly effect a relatively small radius around the disaster site. A fellow mentioned being worried that he hasn’t been able to find an oxygen tank and mask.  It seems like a little much. Honestly, the same people worrying about getting nuclear cancer are the ones that will be getting cancer from smoking and drinking too much.  Especially in Korea, where the average adult drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney.  We’re all going to die eventually, and at this age most of us have picked our poisons.


Turning The Tables On Nature

Today my friend linked me to this article about an incredibly important piece of news that has somehow failed to cross the Pacific.

In sum: a snake died from silicone poisoning after biting a model’s fake tits.

This changes everything.  With the advent and increasing popularity of plastic surgery, more and more people will have parts of them that live on forever…  And apparently act as nature’s most cursed foe.

I got to thinking… If a snake will die from biting a fake tit… How far can this thing really go? Would a tiger or bear similarly be affected by the poison? Or would they simply choke to death on a large piece of balloon and chemical? If ingested, the materials clearly can’t be digested, so would they block the stomach?

A few years ago someone had a pet tiger that went loose in my native southern California. Now I wonder, if it hadn’t been caught in time, would there have been this headline? “Escaped Pet Tiger Chokes on Butt Implant.”

The more you know.

Fire show.

I simply can’t understand why Vanilla Ice doesn’t have an EGOT

Look at his masterful delivery of his character’s lines… What stunning control of his blocking and emotional delivery. I just can’t wrap my mind around why he isn’t one of the proud few in the EGOT club. (Emmy, grammy, oscar, tony)

First Snow: The aftermath

A tranquil morning doesn’t do the earlier apocalypse justice

First Snow First Blood

The hallway was pitch black.  My office sits alone on that wing of the second floor, and I typically don’t use any of the hallway lights to conserve energy. But even for the darkest days,  this was strange. It was just a few minutes shy of 4:30.

Dark and cold. Like my soul. There may have even been thunder.

The sky to the north was a dark wall, somewhere between brownish-yellow and grayish-yellow. Let’s just call it grawnish-yellow for posterity. Best of both worlds.  There was definitely thunder that time.

I walked swiftly home, waiting to be overcome by War, Famine, Pestilence, or Death.  However,  the apocalypse wouldn’t come  just yet. It was just snow. Cold, but not cold enough… It hit the ground as rain to splash up on your boots. Brrr……..

Goodbye, blue Monday~

Most Monday’s I find I sound like a tranny until after 3rd period. Got to warm up the voice, I suppose, after a Sunday where I  generally don’t speak to more than three people following whatever monkeyshines I’d gotten into before. Today my tranny voice persisted well until…well, it’s still going strong.

Today’s been a mixed bag. For fun I’ve been spending my free time at my visiting school revisiting the Harry Potter books which are conveniently located in my office now.  Made it up to the seventh today, since I can only read between classes on Monday and Tuesdays.   Taking a stab at freelance writing has been two for two so far… It will be nice to replenish funds in my American accounts in my ample free time. Then there’s tragedy: I heard Leslie Nielsen died today. There goes another piece of my childhood.

I’d forgotten about the volcanic activity at Baekdoosan a few months ago. My friend was watching a documentary about it today… If it goes up like it did 1000 years ago, the top half of North Korea will literally be flattened. I suppose down here it won’t be too bad, as the ash would go eastward and not South.  Little ice age #3? Last one followed Krakatowa, and we got Frankenstein out of that. Maybe that’s the counterpoint the warming climate change needs…?

Let’s see…what else? Watching Fifth Element for the 56th time since I’ve been in Korea. They love that film (I don’t mind). Die Hard too. That’s nice.Last Wednesday I woke up to the training montage from Rocky 4. That foretold a good day. But on the other hand,  there’s also an abundance of Steven Segal movies. No thanks.