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Favorite Things: Episode Coffee



Awhile ago I came across this arts and crafts project where you decorate some ceramic with permanent marker and bake it thereby creating personalized dishes. At the time I was living in Korea, the land of no ovens, and I had to put that on the back burner where I promptly forgot about it.

Fast  forward to my American homecoming. I was getting coffee at the Starbucks in my grocery store and saw that they offered a black ceramic cup with a white ceramic pen (pictured above) and I remembered that it was something I wanted to do. I picked it up since I liked the idea of inverse color scheme and decided to make myself a Fallout Vault-Tec mug featuring the energy weapons Pip Boy. Turned out great, and is my favorite cup! I plan to revisit the Sharpie project and run some experiments with that in the near future.


30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 13


Comic day, on the 30 Day Drawing Challenge!! Exciting. I consistently had a comic going between the first year of middle school and the final year of high school. Remember geocities? Me too. I had a handful of internet comics before it was the cool thing to do. Then, you know, adult responsibility and all that jazz.


Anyway, today I decided to revisit the worst super villain in the world: The Bee Keeper. He is literally that: A nefarious man in a bee keeper suit that… Has a fuck ton of bees. Neat? People with allergies beware, or something like that. Originally he showed up in one of my comics as the aggressor of the worst detective in the world, Brash Fangan.

Geography 101


According to this map, India has succumbed to Poseidon’s wrath.


There’s a chain of bars in Korea (at least in Gwangju) called Zzyzx. The first time I saw it I was delighted. Being a native of southern California Zzyzx is a major landmark in the drive to Las Vegas.  In spite of the bizarre name inspiring a movie and an album (I think, if Wikipedia is to be trusted) I was surprised to learn how many people didn’t know what it was.  I understand my friends from England and New Zealand not know what it was, but I was shocked at how many Americans were clueless about it. Naturally I started an educational crusade.

This summer I visited home and decided that Vegas was the place to be. To me the drive is half the adventure. Wake up earlier than death so that you’re speeding across the desert at sunrise, and by brunch you’re sipping champagne poolside. Every time I do the Vegas run I always stop into Zzyzx for a post-apocalyptic photoshoot.

Here are my favorites from this visit:


“And thus on the third day, the planets shall align and summon Mitch, inhaler of Time and destroyer of Worlds”

Sound the trumpets!

Mosquitogeddon 2011 has commenced. The first battle in what is sure to be  a long and bloody war occurred this morning, May 29th at 7:15am. A day that will surely live in infamy.  The early morning hours were pierced by the high pitched whine of an air-born invasion in a V formaiton crossing last year’s armistice line.

The bloody thirsty terrorists made up for their size with their sheer numbers and determination to tear through defenses.  They easily passed through the poisonous gasses filling the trenches at the border and made straight for the heart of mission control. The casualties on the defense side surely would have been great had they not been continuously training for such a surprise manuever.

As soon as the alarm was sounded, defensive forces called “Operation rolled-up newspaper” into play, successfully destroying three enemy invaders. The rest of the forces anticipated this tactic which forced the defense into a last ditch effort, otherwise known as “Operation Smash Them With A Shoe.”

After a long and bloody battle, the enemy forces were vanquished and the smoke cleared from the battlefield.


We’re safe….but for how long…?

The Devil’s Playground

Look at this sketchy as all hell place: