Favorite Things: Episode Adult Activity Book


I’ll go ahead and get it out of the way: when I say ‘adult activity book’ I’m not referring to ADULT as some weird sex thing, although now that I think about it, that could be pretty interesting. Someone get on that and make it happen. I mean it as an adult ACTIVITY book.

Remember activity books from your youth? Coloring books, puzzle books, general, well, activity books. I was pretty big on Klutz books myself. Remember Klutz? I was all about them. Hell, I recently got the Write in White Doodle Journal to leave on my coffee table for visitors to leave their mark in, in addition to my own doodlin’s.

Anyway, while there’s a cornucopia of activity books for kids, there just aren’t enough for adults. I suppose there’s always This Book Will Change Your Life, which I remember getting in high school, but there were activities that I simply couldn’t do due to financial restraints mostly (see: trip to France). On a recent trip to Monterey, I was browsing through Tesutti Zoo (Fabulous shop) I found this little gem: Finish This Book and my activity book crisis was assuaged.

The gist is this: The creator Keri Smith (since you are supposed to be the author) found some loose pages on a park bench and put them together. First, you must decide if you’re willing to go through with this ’til the end. Obviously the answer is yes since you bought it. The instructions are clear: do the activities in order, don’t share your findings until instructed to do so, and if you can’t complete the tasks, give the book to someone who can. Turn the page. Now you begin on a series of activities to complete your Secret Intelligence Training, followed by documenting and observation methods, and then artifact examination techniques. Once your education is complete, it’s time to take on the instruction manual and finish this book (hey, that’s the title!)

I love the concept (who didn’t play spies as a kid? Or as an adult? Hey, don’t tell me you don’t pretend you’re training to join the ranks of Assassins Creed when you’re working out at the gym and letting your mind wander. No? So it’s just me then? Well… I guess I have a lot to talk to a therapist about. Carry on then) and that the activities are very doable. Hey, I don’t have to book a trip to France! Not that I wouldn’t mind going to France, I just don’t want that as a road block in order to reach the end of this thing.

In sum I’ll leave it at this (as I don’t wish to give to much away, and as it is a book you do, our experiences will be wildly different anyway): If you believe that growing older and growing up aren’t mutually exclusive, and that imagination and adventure make life worth living, this book is for you. It’s certainly for me, and the people whom I’ve recommended it to seem to be enjoying it as well.

I’ll end this with a quote off the dedication page, as I like it immensely:

This book is dedicated to all explorers and future explorers of the world.


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