La Purisima


I like La Purisima Mission a lot. It’s the only one that they don’t currently use a church so it has a more authentic old time feel to it. I happened to swing by int he midst of a Santa Anna, so it was hot and dusty as all shit.

Just how I like it.

We filmed a Western short there when I was taking a film production class at a community college while in High School. I was going through a pretty solid spaghetti western phase then. I guess it’s not really a phase, as I still am.

The chapel traditionally scared the shit out of me. It’s cold and dark, and whenever you go it’s always empty. The floor in the back is warped from an underground stream, which probably doesn’t help. And there’s a guy buried in there. Father Payeras. Granted it’s one grave compared to the many that hang around churches in Europe, but those places are still crawling with the living.

It’s supposed to be haunted as all shit, too. I suppose that helps.

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