National Museum of the US Air Force

I have a special fondness for museums. History. The Cold War especially. The National Museum of the United States Air Force is located in Dayton, Ohio, and has been open since 1923, making it the oldest museum of its nature in the world.


Now let’s get to the important part:


The museum consists of three airplane hangars and an imax theater. The first hangar is split into exhibits on the early days of aviation (seeing as how the Wright brothers were local boys, aviation plays a big role in these parts) and WWII. All planes on display saw action, and if you believe in that sort of thing, the place is supposed to be haunted as all shit.

Hangar Two focuses on the Vietnam and Korean wars, and showcases the more advances missiles and bombs and what not. There wasn’t that much on the Korean side, and that’s a shame, but I’ve already been to the Korean War Museum in Seoul which simply can’t be beaten.

Hangar Three is where the money is, in my opinion. Cold War business. Yes.


In the back are the missiles, which I’ve seen in spades, as my dad has a hand in building them (and because security protocol in a pre-9/11 world weren’t so complex. People (with clearance. Prob military and their families) used to be able to visit the silos on special occasions. I recall one bring-your-kid to work day in the early 90’s) )

You know you played too much Fallout when you enter this room and immediately think of Ulysses’ Temple.

Now, I like space. A lot. They have a module from Apollo 15 (can’t rem which one lives in the Science Museum in London) and some moon rocks.

Oh, and a Sputnik (model?).

Wait… ED-E? Again, you know you play too much Fallout when your first thought is “eyebot.”

    • Steela Castle
    • October 22nd, 2012

    Adorable information!!! Love the way you described. Thanks for sharing. This museum is the world’s largest and oldest military museum. It has more than 360 aircraft and missiles on display. The museum is visited over 1.3 million visitors annually. National Museum of the US Air Force is one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Ohio. There is so much to see, give yourself a full day to appreciate everything. You can visit to read all stories about it.

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