So I Decided TO Get A Dragon Suit

So I decided to get a dragon suit.

Bare with me while I explain. Or should I say, BEAR with me while I explain.

See what I did there? It’s a pun. See, because the two spellings mean different things, right? The latter being an animal.

Moving forward:

Kigurumi, which actually describes all character dress, is also a style of Japanese pajamas in the form of an animal. Basically a onesie for adults. However in Asia, where everything is so fucking cute you could vomit, it’s not uncommon to see them on the streets for special occasions. Musicians on stage, friends bar hopping for a birthday, or pretty much everyone who goes snowboarding.

Anyway, I regret not getting one in Korea when everyone else I knew had one. Would have been nice to hit the town dressed in a dinosaur suit.

Now here’s the thing, Halloween is just around the corner and I’m too old (26) and too over it to keep in line with female trend of every costume being sexy. Last year I donned a pork pie hat, sunglasses, a trench coat, and a massive false mustache. I carried a briefcase, spoke in a Russian accent, and assured people that I was not a Soviet spy (spoiler alert: I was). It was probably one of the finest costumes I’ve ever done (Number two being the group one I did where ten of us got in on replicating Legends of the Hidden Temple. Blue Barracudas for life!!).

I want to be comfortable when I drink and go dancing this year. That’s how I roll, you see. Then I remembered that you can get anything on the internet.

It was a toss up between the owl and the kangaroo:


PRO: The color is more my speed. And wings!

CON: The number of hooter jokes I’d be subjected to.


PRO: Exterior pocket and joey.

CON: That 3am glare into the mirror when I spook myself by reminding myself of that dog (aardvark ?)or whatever it was from The Shining that used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid.

I carefully weighed my options, but I was getting nowhere. Then, just when I was leaning towards the kangaroo so I could stash bar snacks in the pocket, I found the dragon.

PRO: Dragons are fucking sweet.

CON: I’ll have Sisqo’s Unleash The Dragon in my head all night, but I suspect I could spin that in my favor. Young people love ironic shit!

So there it is. I got Halloween and future ski/snowboard trips covered.

Good job, innernet!

  1. November 1st, 2012

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