London (Let’s Go!)

Human Giant once did a sketch that reminded me very much of how I tend to tour cities. Today was no exception. There was lot’s to do.

1.  Shakespeare’s Globe.

What stands today is a working theatre and a replica based on writings and drawings from the heyday of the original, and very close to the original location. Close enough!

(Let’s go!)

2. Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge is the one most people mistakenly refer to as the London Bridge. The London Bridge is just down the Thames and boring as hell. Tower Bridge is the fancy one. From the Globe we walked along the Thames past the (real) London bridge and up and over the Tower Bridge.

(Let’s go!)

3. Tower of London.

The Tower of London is more of a palace complex than an actual tower. The White Tower (pictured) is in the center and is currently an armoury museum. Other rooms in the outer square hold exhibitions on daily life, as well as the Crown Jewels. Seriously, diamonds the size of chicken eggs. We were also lucky to catch the changing of the guards outside of the crown jewel exhibit.


The Tower of London was actually the first time I paid for something other than food, transport, and accommodation, since most museums are free. It was nineteen pounds for an adult, which is quite expensive, but it was worth it. Especially if you check out the crown jewels.

(Let’s go!)

4. Parliament/Big Ben

Just a short metro ride down. Literally all we did was pop out of the tube and run across the bridge to get the picture. That’s it. That’s all we did. The bell sounded once for quarter after three.

(Let’s go!)

5. Buckingham Palace

Apparently within the last three years they opened it up to the public provided you buy a(n expensive) ticket. No time for that, not on my watch. The Queen wasn’t even there! How do I know? The flags they fly on the top. Just the Union Jack today. No Queen on the premises.

(Let’s Go!)

6. Pub.

We’d been running around since 10am with only a stop for fish and chips and it was already going after four. Time for a beer.

7. Curry.

Yes. It’s simply not a trip to London without curry. I learned something important from my friend: Avoid the curry shops where people stand outside with flyers and promise “free” things as they will always turn up on your bill later. The more you know! We ended up at really good one called Punjab right around Covent Garden.

The End.

For now.



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