House of Terror and Buda Side

I’ll start with the House of Terror as that’s the first thing I did this morning. It was a short walk from my hostel, and I got there right when it opened. It’s  museum now, but it used to be the HQ for some pretty nasty goings on during both Nazi and Communist occupied Hungary. While it’s for the most part geared towards local folks so they never forget the bad news and to commemorate the victims, English speakers can follow along with either an audio guide, or by taking one of the English language leaflets at the front of each room (By the end I had enough to make a book!).

The museum is very well-executed, and follows the timeline from Nazis to Commies.  The special effects (music, lighting, videos) really help to drive home the dark mood. I won’t go into too much detail, as I believe these sort of things should be experienced personally.

I highly recommend you put this on you Budapest itinerary.

Then I took a walk. All the way down to the Danube and across the chain bridge. You can take a trolly up the hill to the old palace, which currently houses the history museum. Unfortunately, after the museum, I was pretty tired and started back when I, err, accidentally went shopping… (to be fair I required “smart attire” for my stay in a castle in Bristol, and presently I’m mostly equipped with shorts and moccasins.)

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