The 4D Movie Experience

To quote a friend, “It’s the one that sprays water in your face and jerks you around? No thanks, too much like this terrifying sexual encounter I once had.”

The 4Dplex experience swept through Korea last year, and I didn’t realize how limited the concept was worldwide. Obviously amusement parks have a short multi-dimensional film thing, like Captain Eo (et al), but the concept of making it for a general film is still quite rare. If I’m not mistaken, Korea and India are the only places where this is common.

Last week I tried to see Pirates of Caribbean 4 in 4D but the show was sold out. This Friday my friends and I went earlier and caught the showing  of Kung Fu Panda 2. Honestly, it was perfect for that film. I’m glad Pirates wasn’t my introduction to the concept because it’s a bit too long a film to be that over-stimulated. Kung Fu Panda 2 was the right length and had the right amount of action to make it work (though I may have developed a bruise).

It’s a 90(ish) seat theatre where the seats move, and the cushions have the massage chair motors so it punches you (lightly) in the kidneys or ass when Po would get hit or fall down. Jets of air would blow in your face at appropriate times, and at one point I was definitely splashed with mist. Lights would flash at times, and at one point a floral, soapy smell filled the air. At the end bubbles poured from the ceiling to help simulate fireworks. Hilarious. It was a pretty intense experience. It was worth the 18,000W ($16?) considering that a 3d Imax show is 16,000 and a regular 3d film is 12 or 14,000. I would want to pick my film carefully… I feel like Transformers will be the next big 4D showing and I think that would just be too much……


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