Sound the trumpets!

Mosquitogeddon 2011 has commenced. The first battle in what is sure to be  a long and bloody war occurred this morning, May 29th at 7:15am. A day that will surely live in infamy.  The early morning hours were pierced by the high pitched whine of an air-born invasion in a V formaiton crossing last year’s armistice line.

The bloody thirsty terrorists made up for their size with their sheer numbers and determination to tear through defenses.  They easily passed through the poisonous gasses filling the trenches at the border and made straight for the heart of mission control. The casualties on the defense side surely would have been great had they not been continuously training for such a surprise manuever.

As soon as the alarm was sounded, defensive forces called “Operation rolled-up newspaper” into play, successfully destroying three enemy invaders. The rest of the forces anticipated this tactic which forced the defense into a last ditch effort, otherwise known as “Operation Smash Them With A Shoe.”

After a long and bloody battle, the enemy forces were vanquished and the smoke cleared from the battlefield.


We’re safe….but for how long…?

  1. June 28th, 2011

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