Run Through The Jungle

(published after the fact)


Korea seems so long ago…K wrote today to say that it’s snowing and -12C in Seoul.

Today was our Mekong Delta Tour. Again, we rose early and enjoyed our coffee. We had the same bus, same seats, but a different tour guide today.

Passed through a country view of rice paddies, farm lands, streams, and the like. We had a short rest area at a place rife with hammocks and water coconuts.

We boarded a motorboat with the Mekong eyes. We learned that the reason all boats have the same red and white eyes stemmed back from teh days when crocodiles ruled the delta. It was believed that the eyes would “scare the monsters” and provide for a safe journey.

First we went to Unicorn Island, famous for it’s logan berry honey bee farm. We were given a taste of honey tea, royal jelly, and dried fruits.

From here we strolled to a shaded area for a traditional music performance and fresh fruits.  It was lovely, except for the bees everywhere.

Dragon or Phoenix (I can’t remember which) Island was next. Here we would visit a coconut plantation and observe the process of making coconut candy and wine.

After another stroll, we took a horse and carriage ride. Our little pony had one ear and a lot of spirit. We were taken to the precarious cement dock from which we would board a wooden boat:

At Hao Ai village we had our lunch. A coconut steamed elephant eared fish and spring rolls. We dined to the soundtrack of roosters crowing and the water buffalo lolling around.


Back at the marina a few of us parted ways for a homestay. We met our host and got on his small motorboat to go to his home up the delta. I had strong flashbacks to my jungle days. We stayed two to each small shack and enjoyed one of the best meals I’d ever had in Vietnam. It was another style of elephant eared fish and spring rolls.

The night was quiet and relaxing. The stars went on forever~ We passed the night drinking 333’s and bonding with our host and some of the others.



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